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We are pleased to offer an excellent selection of antique timber frame buildings for sale and reconstruction. Included in our current inventory are a couple of timber houses, a few sheds and smaller barns, and a number of outstanding hewn timber frame barns.

A good nineteenth century hewn timber frame barn exudes strength and character. Such barns were constructed by master builders who selected the best timbers and expertly joined them with unerring precision. Guided by traditions already centuries old, these craftsmen constructed buildings that elegantly satisfied the requirement for large spaces secure from the elements. The passage of time and many generations of use have imparted distinctly rich colours, textures, and wear patterns. The genuine antiquity of these buildings cannot be duplicated. We select some of the best examples of these magnificent structures from the many that are removed from their original sites every year. Each building is thoroughly documented and carefully disassembled so as to preserve it for reuse.

Some barns are reconstructed for reuse as a barn but most are rebuild and adapted for residential use. The big beams and big spaces provide marvelous design opportunities. The large barn frame comfortably accommodates expansive glazing, massive stone fireplaces, broad staircases, and even the inclusion of boldly stated modern amenities.

Some of our barn reconstruction projects have relied almost exclusively on the use of antique building materials and salvaged architectural elements while others have been finished with a more eclectic choice of surface treatments and features.

In either case the results can be outstanding.

Click on the links to see the list of our currently available timber frame buildings and a sample of our timber frame projects.

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Available timber frame buildings

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Timber frame project portfolio

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